The noise of all YANMA Sound Proof Diesel Generating Sets is under 75db/meter(Super Silence)
Gasoline Engine
Gasoline Generator
Diesel Generating Set(5kva)
Water Pump
Super Silent Generator(10kva to 25kva)
YANMA-Perkins Generating Set
YANMA-Cummins Generating Set
YANMA-Googol Generating Set
Yanma-PTO Generator
YANMA-LINZ Diesel Welding-Generating Set
Mist&Duster Machinery
Mobile Lighting Tower
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YANMA is one of the largest generator set manufacturers in China, who has a high performance in the manufacture of generator sets, auto transfer systems and parallel control panels according to the international and state technological standards. We have special and creative design in the areas of applications, electronic control system, anti-vibration and appearance.

We design and produce both standard and customized generator sets with power outputs covering 8 to 2,000kVA. These include both small standby sets suitable for domestic use and large units which are mini power stations in their own right. Our R&D Department is continuously striving to design innovatively so that our products technology and quality remain at the forefront of this industry in China.

We produce generator sets for both prime and standby power needs. All YANMA generator sets, including open type, canopied type and containerized type, should go through the same exact and rigorous test and evaluation. In places where uninterrupted power is indispensable, we provide standby and continuous power for business and domestic customers. We have set up extended friendly cooperation with many famous international companies including Googol , Cummins,and Perkins, and have become the OEM factory and maintenance center of the companies above.

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New partners from So 2007-10-13
New partners from So 2007-10-13
New partners from So 2007-10-13
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